AHRQ Updates TeamSTEPPS With New App and Focus on Online Training

AHRQ is modernizing and moving into the next phase of its 10-year-old flagship teamwork and communications program called TeamSTEPPS® by focusing on online training, with continuing education credits and a mobile app available at no charge. While AHRQ will no longer offer in-person training, the Agency offers ready-to-use curricula, including the base curriculum as well as specialty modules for office-based care providers, long-term care settings, and rapid response teams. In addition, private-sector organizations draw from these publicly available resources for in-person training they offer to the field. This interest underscores the important contribution AHRQ and TeamSTEPPS are making to safe, high-quality care and enables AHRQ to shift attention to identifying additional ways to support better teamwork in health care. TeamSTEPPS case studies provide examples of how health systems and offices have benefited from TeamSTEPPS to improve wait times, reduce provider burdens, and improve communication among health care professional teams and patients. An AHRQ Views blog post describes how AHRQ continues to invest in research, development, and evaluation, to further define what works best to improve patient safety and outcomes. AHRQ looks forward to working with health systems, doctors, nurses, and patients to make the health care system more responsive to the needs of all Americans.

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