Defining Hope

Submitted by Lois Ustanko, President, Honoring Choices North Dakota

In the days between the announcement of “He asked me to be his wife and I said ‘yes’” and the moment when she says “I do”, most fathers reflect on the impact he’s had on forming this beautiful woman

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NDNA Legislative Session 2017 Recap

By: Kristin Roers, MS, RN, CPPS

Vice President of Government Relations for North Dakota Nurses Association

Center legislative dayThe 2017 Legislative Session is over, but the work continues! It has been a busy session, with our nursing organizations following over

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English Language Learner Programs Help New Americans Overcome Hurdles

New Americans immigrating to the United States often find themselves overcoming immense hurdles, including learning the English Language.

Fortunately, Adult English Learner Programs are available to assist immigrants and their families when moving to the United States, including in North Dakota.

Valarie Fischer, Director of Adult Education with

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