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Work Environment Programs

The North Dakota Center for Nursing has two primary work environment programs including our LPN Recruitment & Retention Program and the Pathways to Excellence Program.

LPN Recruitment and Retention Program

The ND Center for Nursing held two stakeholder meetings in the Fall of 2015. The slides from this meeting and the notes are available below.

LPN Stakeholder Meeting Presentation 2015

LPN Stakeholder Meeting Notes Reorganized by Strategy

Our LPN Task Force is working on developing a plan to increase awareness of LPN careers; especially for high school students.  The plan will be finalized Fall of 2016 and implemented over the next year.

Pathways to Excellence Program

The ND Pathways to Excellence pilot program from 2014-2016 was a part of the ND Center for Nursing’s effort to enhance the work environment for nurses across the state. Pathways to Excellence is an American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) program which recognizes health care and long term care organizations for positive practice environments where nurses excel. The Pathways to Excellence program started as the Texas Nurse Friendly Hospital program for rural and small hospitals in Texas. For more information about the Pathways to Excellence program, click here.

While the ultimate goal is to increase the number of health care facilities in North Dakota that are Pathways certified (there are currently 0), we recognize that many of the benefits occur during the journey as hospitals examine their work environment and institute strategic changes. Hospitals are not required to apply for certification with the Pathways to Excellence program to participate in our ND Pilot program. The benefits of work environment changes include improving nurse satisfaction, retaining choice nursing staff and leaders, cultivating inter-professional teamwork, championing quality nursing practice and supporting business growth. For more information on these benefits, click here.

The ND Pathways to Excellence Program consists of four primary components:

  • Access to an online Pathways to Excellence webinar for three team members in each hospital. This webinar provides an introduction to the Pathways program and also includes AACN CE credits.
  • Completion of a pre-assessment questionnaire that is available at the Pathways to Excellence program at This tool helps each hospital prioritize 2-3 strategies that they would like to work on. This survey is provided to the ND Center for Nursing for our evaluation and planning process.
  • Participate in customized teleconference calls with AACN staff who will provide best practices and information related to each hospital’s chosen strategies. In the event, that more than one hospital selects the same strategies- both hospitals will participate on the same call with AACN.
  • Participate in monthly state networking teleconference calls with all ND Pilot Program participants to share progress, problem solve and celebrate!

The initial seven programs in the pilot program received customized support as they start their journey in determining work environment strategies and implementing changes.

  • Jamestown Regional Medical Center
  • Sanford Mayville Medical Center
  • Fargo VA Health Care System
  • Pembina County Memorial Hospital
  • Cavalier County Memorial Hospital
  • Altru Health System
  • Ashley Medical Center and Nursing Home

Click to view an article about the Pathways Program.

Please contact Patricia Moulton, PhD at for more information about this program.