Daycare needs hamper workforce

A shortage of daycare services is hurting Velva’s ability to retain jobs and attract young entrepreneurs, according to local leaders and business people at a roundtable Monday.

Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford presided over the roundtable, which has been one of several held around the state as part of Gov. Doug Burgum’s Main Street Initiative.

Sanford heard from a chiropractor who has limited the hours of her practice because no local daycare has a vacancy to take her infant. He heard from a city employee who must take her children to Minot to obtain child care and from a father whose whose daughter and friends are nurses but aren’t working because they can’t find care for their children. Meanwhile, the local nursing home has had two registered nurse positions open for more than a year. The home allows children in the facility before and after school because its staff have no options for care.

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