Graduates Ready To Enter Nursing Field

Bottineau, ND – More than two dozen students are on track to help ease the shortage of nurses in North Dakota after graduation ceremonies in Bottineau Friday.
Dakota College pinned 28 Associate in Applied Science nurse graduates.

It was through a program that trains nurses at campuses in Bottineau, Minot, and Valley City.
Among the newly-minted nurses is a man who came to the U.S. from Serbia to attend college.

Nikola Ves was an electrician in his home country, but wanted to take advantage of what the United States has to offer, and enrolled in the nursing program two years ago.

(Nikola Ves, DCB Nursing Graduate) “The field itself is such a promising field. Also it helps that people are so grateful especially I believe this midwest hospitality is just generous and it gets you loving job more and more. As soon as I get my NCLEX done I will begin fully with Sanford in Fargo on a medical-surgical floor and I’m very much looking forward that.”

Nikola mentioned getting his NCLEX done – that’s the licensing test that will make him a registered nurse.
The nursing program at Dakota College has a waiting list of students wanting to enter the nursing field – with another 24 coming in next fall.

Watch a video here to learn more.

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