Update: New Administrative Rules become effective Soon Limited X-ray Machine Operators (LXMO) and NON-imaging personnel performing Bone Densitometry (DEXA) Imaging

Due to 2017 legislation, Senate Bill 2327, allows for the transition of Limited X-ray Operators (LXMOs) and Bone Densitometry Technicians from regulation by the North Dakota Department of Health (DoH) to licensure with the North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board (NDMIRTB). This transition is dependent on the effective date of the newly created ND Department of Environmental Quality; at this time this is scheduled for December 31, 2018.

The NDMIRTB will make needed accommodations to those individuals CURRENTLY holding the status of LXMO or in the process of completing their clinical requirements from the DoH to ensure a smooth transition to licensure. The Board will also guide those non-imaging personnel (nursing or research professionals) through the required licensure requirements.
Anyone effected by this NEW legislation is encouraged to contact the NDMIRTB for more information. The Board is currently working with the DoH to identity who is CURRENTLY practicing as a LXMO.

NDMIRTB will follow-up with the Bone Densitometry non-imaging professionals and the currently practicing DoH LXMOs with further information outlining the NDMIRTB licensure process, application, fees, and continuing education requirements as outlined in N.D.A.C. title 114.

NDMIRTB Contact information:
info@ndmirtboard.com or 701-425-0861 and www.ndmirtboard.com

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