Hospice of the Red River Valley’s registered nurses (RNs) specialize in pain control and symptom management for terminally ill individuals. They advocate for the patient and provide exceptional patient-centered care guided by the person’s wishes. They monitor vitals and manage all equipment, medications and supplies in the patient’s home.

Another important aspect of the field of hospice nursing includes educating and supporting family members and other caregivers so they feel confident in their caregiving roles. Education includes making the patient and family more comfortable with the dying process, informing them on what to expect next and providing emotional support along the way as the patient and family transition into the next phase of life and death.

For Ruby Gramlow, Hospice of the Red River Valley nurse, being a hospice nurse for nearly 12 years has been a humbling experience. “Patients and families not only welcome you as their nurse, but also welcome our organization into their lives and the life of their loved one knowing their loved one will not live for very long,” she said. “It’s very special to be part of their family and have that closeness.”

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