MINOT — Nursing can be a difficult field. Men and women who serve as nurses in hospitals might see some gruesome things, or have a patient who might make their day just a little bit better with a corny joke.

That was the case for Faye Arlt, 76, who spent 50 years of her life helping others as a nurse, now ready to retire. Jan. 3 was her last day of work, and she’s planning to spend the rest of her years with her family.

When Arlt was 14 years old, her sister-in-law was a nurse’s aide at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and she decided she wanted to try it. She spoke with Sister Mary, when nuns ran the hospital, and asked if she could work in the pediatric department. Arlt said Sister Mary’s reply was “You’re not old enough yet.” She did mention to Arlt that one of the supervisors in the auditing department was pregnant and would soon need a babysitter. That was how she got her babysitting job.

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