The Advanced Nursing Education: Nurse Practitioner Residency Program (Short Title: ANE-NPRIP) provides grants to prepare new nurse practitioners for primary care or behavioral health practice in integrated, community-based settings, through expansions and/or enhancements to existing 12-month Nurse Practitioner Residency (NPR) programs. Priority is given to projects that benefit rural and underserved populations.

The program objective is to expand and/or enhance existing 12-month NP residency programs that are accredited or in the accreditation process, in primary care or behavioral health and in an integrated, community-based setting.

Priorities include:

  • Ending the crisis of opioid addiction and overdose
  • Improving mental health access and care
  • Transforming the healthcare system through value-based care delivery and quality improvement initiatives
  • Transforming the workforce by targeting the need
  • Strengthening healthcare access through telehealth
  • Preventing and reducing childhood obesity
  • Preventing and reducing maternal mortality
  • Ending the HIV epidemic

Application deadline June 8, 2020

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