My name is Teresa Olin, MSN, BSN, RN. I am a native of North Dakota and I am a student in the Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning with a specialization in Organizational Psychology, a doctoral program at Aspen University. In order to address RN-to-BSN online student success and attrition, especially during our ongoing COVID19 crisis, more research is required on the diversified and complicated faculty-student roles and relationships in online programs. I am currently conducting research for my dissertation to explore RN-to-BSN nursing students’ and nursing professors’ perceptions regarding student success in the online environment related to the professor’s teaching philosophy and characteristics, which of these attributes are essential/beneficial, and whether the ideals of the two groups align. You have been selected to receive this invitation to participate because you are either a leader/administrator of a nursing school/program that may have an online RN-to-BSN program, a leader/administrator of an online RN-to-BSN program with access to professors and students in an online RN-to-BSN program,  or you are an online RN-to-BSN student or a professor.

RN-to-BSN students often report a struggle to stay motivated due to the isolated environment, difficult technology, and finding a work-life-school balance. Students in an online environment rely mostly on the professor for support; therefore, it is important to learn both student and professor perceptions on how the professor’s teaching philosophy and characteristics relate to student success and if these need to be aligned more effectively. The findings of this research will have implications related to how online programs and faculty offer support to these students, whether or not the program design and professors are offering the necessary support students who are RNs need, present beneficial information for educators and administrators to tailor their programs to fit student needs more appropriately, and improve students experience with online learning ultimately promoting success and retention.

If you are an administrator/leader of a nursing /school program that has an online RN-to-BSN program or are a leader of an online RN-to-BSN program with access to online RN-to-BSN students and professors, I am graciously asking that you share this invitation with these groups of individuals or those that have access. If you are an online RN-to-BSN student or professor, your participation in completing a brief survey regarding RN-to-BSN student needs and success related to professor teaching philosophy and characteristics would be greatly appreciated. The average length of time necessary for completion of the survey was 10-15 minutes. An Informed Consent is attached for your review and will also be summarized on the survey’s first page. Informed Consent Form

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Teresa Olin, Doctoral Candidate