Long-term Care Providers and Services Users in the United States 2015-2016

Describes the supply, organizational characteristics, staffing, and services offered by providers. Gives descriptions of services users, including residents of nursing homes and residential care communities, patients receiving home health or hospice care, and people who attend adult day care centers. Features statistics including distribution of long-term

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Summary of Out-of-State Utilization of Clinical Placements

The mission of the North Dakota Board of Nursing (NDBON) is to assure North Dakota (ND) citizens quality nursing care through the regulation of standards for nursing education, licensure and practice. The North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) Chapter 43-12.1 Nurse Practices Act contains legislative statutes that

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Comparison of ND Nurse Licensure Process with other States

Theme: Develop strategies to retain North Dakota nursing program graduates and practicing nurses.

Activity: Develop a comparison chart/map to illustrate required clinical practice hours and continuing education contact hours for ND licensure in comparison with other states. Include obtaining, maintaining and reactivating a nursing license.

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The Forces of Change in America’s Local Public Health System 2018

Analyzes survey responses from local health departments (LHDs) to determine budget and job losses LHDs encountered, how LHDs are responding to opioid use and abuse, population health activities, influenza preparedness and response, LHDs interoperability of health information systems, and environmental health activities. Includes data and statistics

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Health Center Resource Clearinghouse

Identifies resources and information to support the work of community health centers, including websites, publications, databases, and other materials. Featured topics include diabetes, behavioral health, and substance use disorders. Provides information on how to access technical assistance from organizations funded to support health centers.

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Close Look at PTSD Among Aging Adults

Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, can happen to people of all ages. It is especially a common issue among aging adults because they have a more likely chance to have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. Examples of traumatic events that

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