Rasmussen College School of Nursing

The Accelerated BSN Standard Entrance Option is a full-time program for students willing to put all their energy into becoming a nurse in a considerably short amount of time. This pre-licensure entrance option is for those pursuing their first Bachelor’s degree and allows students to earn a CCNE-accredited degree in as few as 33 months, opening the door for many nursing career options.

The Accelerated BSN Second-Degree Entrance Option is a full-time, high-intensity program that demands your complete focus, dedication and passion in exchange for the possibility of completing your CCNE-accredited BSN degree in as few as 18 months. Participants of this option must hold a Bachelor’s degree.

For more information contact:

Lee Pratschner: lee.pratschner@rasmussen.edu

Erica Evans: erica.evans1@rasmussen.edu

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