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The Nursing Division prepares nurses to provide safe, quality, patient-centered healthcare to the people in the region and beyond without regard to race, religion, cultural background, or gender. By fostering a Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine learning environment, the Division supports the University mission to prepare leaders in the service of truth. The University of Mary Nursing Division offers many program options to earn a baccalaureate degree, master’s degree or a doctor of nursing practice degree. The undergraduate programs prepare graduates to: practice professional nursing in a variety of environmental and cultural settings; become leaders in healthcare; and, pursue graduate study.

Traditional pre-licensure Program:

The baccalaureate program is a four year program of study leading to either a Bachelor of Science (BSN) or Bachelor of Arts (BAN) in nursing. The program is offered on-site in Bismarck, ND with nursing practice experiences across the lifespan in a variety of settings. The nursing practice experiences include settings of hospitals (including specialty areas of the intensive care unit, emergency room and labor and delivery), long-term care facilities, public health agencies, community agencies, mental health, prison health, and rural health. The program prepares the graduate to apply for the licensure exam (NCLEX) to become a registered nurse (RN).

LPN to BSN program:

The LPN to BSN completion program is designed for nurses who are licensed as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). The completion program combines distance learning with limited on-site instruction. The program is six continuous semesters. Students come to the Bismarck campus for direct patient care and simulation experiences with the remaining practice hours arranged in their home communities, if available.

RN to BSN program:

The RN to BSN completion pathway is delivered totally online. In addition to providing a broad spectrum of evidence-based practice, critical-thinking, and leadership skills, the program offers a deeper knowledge of spirituality, ethics, and global stewardship.

Accelerated 2nd Bachelor’s Degree

The accelerated 2nd degree program is offered onsite in Bismarck, ND for students who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree. The coursework is accomplished in a highly compressed timeframe with coursework completed over a 12 month period followed by a 5 week capstone/practicum course. The curriculum is the same as the traditional BSN on-campus program. At the graduate level, programs are designed to facilitate development of expertise across a variety of domains. The curriculum is intended to provide learning opportunities using cutting edge educational pedagogy, related to high-quality healthcare services, and within leading nursing institutions.

Online Master’s Degree Program Options Nursing Leadership and Management (ADN to MSN and BSN to MSN program options)

The program has entry points for nurses prepared at both the Associate or Bachelor Degree levels. In this program students will gain a strong background in healthcare business concepts that emphasize leadership in the context of advanced nursing practice within healthcare. As part of the program of study, students will have the opportunity to identify and partner with a healthcare organization and nursing leader to take part in practical leadership experience.

MSN/MBA in Healthcare Administration Dual Degree The MSN/MBA:

Healthcare Administration dual degree program combines nursing and business coursework, offering students a unique blend of clinical and healthcare management skills. Graduates of the MSN/MBA dual degree in healthcare administration program are able to integrate ethical practices and policies; synthesize information through research and data analysis; collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, consumers, and other key stakeholders; utilize stewardship of human, fiscal, and organizational resources; and analyze significant issues between clinical nursing practice and healthcare management.

Nurse Educator

The nurse educator program of study prepares nurses for leadership roles in healthcare and academic settings by emphasizing curricular design, teaching strategies, and assessment of learning measures. Student can choose between a completing a thesis or an evidence based project for their scholarly capstone work.

Nursing and Healthcare Informatics

Nursing informatics is a specialized, data-driven field in which nurses aim to strengthen the quality of choices made by patients, nurses and other healthcare professionals through a combination of nursing science, computer science, and information analysis. The University of Mary’s MSN nursing informatics master degree program online prepares nurse informaticists to lead transformation of healthcare through acquisition, analysis and dissemination of information aimed to create change toward improved healthcare quality, safety, and efficiency.

Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Family Nurse Practitioner

Known for excellence in clinical preparation, the BSN to DNP program at the University of Mary is an accredited program that provides a strong background in health promotion and disease management for acute and chronic health problems of individuals across the age spectrum. The University of Mary has decades of experience preparing family nurse practitioners and a documented history of graduates who are nursing leaders and agents of change promoting high quality and safe patient care. Students in this program are required to make six visits to campus over the course of study.

Organizational Leadership

This MSN to DNP online degree completion program from, is designed for nurses who already hold a master’s degree in nursing. This online degree option, which includes one on-site requirement, gives nurses who have an MSN degree the option to earn a terminal practice doctorate in nursing. With this terminal degree, graduates are prepared to function as highly skilled nursing leaders. Graduates of this program are prepared to function in advanced nursing clinical practice or complex systems of care.

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Undergraduate Programs & Traditional Program: Dr. Glenda Reemts,
LPN to BSN Program: Molly Leer,
RN to BSN: Dr. Margie Hair,
Accelerated 2nd degree BSN: Mary Beth Johnson,
Graduate Programs: Dr. Billie Madler,
MSN: Nursing Leadership and Management; Nursing and Healthcare Informatics; and, Dual Degree MSN/MBA, Dr. Billie Madler,
MSN Nurse Educator: Dr. Julie Klein,
DNP Family Nurse Practitioner: Dr. Jenna Herman,
DNP Organizational Leadership: Dr. Deanna Babb,

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