Operating Room Registered Nurse

Bismarck Surgical Associates
February 4, 2019
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Position Summary: A registered nurse will be present and circulate for every surgical event in BSA.


  • The Perioperative RN is directly accountable to the Director.
  • The Perioperative RN works in collaboration with Medical staff, nursing colleagues, and surgical technologists.
  • The Perioperative RN directs non-professional staff


Requirements: The Perioperative RN must be able to engage in physical activities on a daily basis. As a direct patient caregiver the perioperative RN will maintain:

  • Hepatitis immunization (Will be provided at no cost to the employee) or documented refusal to be vaccinated.
  • Evidence of negative PPD test or chest x-ray annually (Will be provided at no cost to the employee).
  • Able to maintain extensive standing, moderated sitting and assisting in the transfer of patients weighing less than 350 lbs.
  • Physically able to perform CPR.
  • Able to lift a minimum of 20#, surgical instrumentation or equipment.



The Perioperative nurse is required to collect, interpret, record and communicate pertinent data that is relevant to the care appropriate to children, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients in the operating room.

Assessment shall include:

  • Verification of the patient's identity.
  • Verification of the operative procedure, operative site, surgeon and consent.
  • Evaluation of patient's status by assessing respiratory, circulatory, renal, musculoskeletal, integumentary, and neurological systems. Confirmation of removable dental prosthetics, implanted devices, prosthetics and contact lenses are noted.
  • Evaluation of patient's psychological status including level of understanding, perception of surgery, anxiety level.
  • Verification of patient's allergies, NPO status, and patient's last voiding.
  • Perusal of patient's history and physical, lab results, and preoperative physician orders.

Communication and documentation.

  • Documentation must be accurate, reflecting actual care given, the patient's response to care, and other observations made.
  • Pertinent data will be communicated to appropriate health professionals.
  • Planning

The Perioperative RN utilizes data collected to plan for intraoperative nursing care appropriate to adolescent, adult and geriatric patients.

The RN:

  • Follows standard procedures for surgical interventions, along with preferences of surgeons and anesthesiologists, when planning the intraoperative care.
  • Assembles the necessary instruments, supplies, and equipment for the surgical intervention; equipment is checked and found to be in good working order.
  • Utilizes all available resources in planning care and consults as necessary with resource person (physicians, anesthesiologist).
  • Uses data collected to formulate nursing diagnosis about the health status and needs of the patient.
  • Revises plan of care as needed based on continuing assessments of the patient.
  • Conveys the plan of care to other members of the surgical team.


The Perioperative RN provides direct care to patients to meet their physical and psychological needs appropriate to adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. The Perioperative RN incorporates AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses).

  • Identifies priorities and executes nursing care accordingly.
  • Provides emotional support and comfort measures.
  • Gives information or explanation to patients and their families as warranted.
  • Ensures and respects the patient's rights, privacy and dignity.
  • Applies and monitors the principles of aseptic technique throughout the intraoperative phase.
  • Acts as a scrub/circulating nurse during the intraoperative phase.
  • Acts as a first assistant, provided training and experience have included first assisting duties.
  • Coordinates the implementation of the anesthesia management during the perioperative period:
  • Monitoring electrode, BP cuff, IV placement relative to the surgical site.
  • When needed stands by during intubation and administration of regional blocks.
  • Remains with the patient through extubation.
  • Assists in safe transfer of the patient from the OR.
  • Recognizes symptoms of cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, and /or other impending crisis; initiates emergency response.
  • Performs sponge / sharps counts with the scrubbed person.
  • Identifies, labels, and dispenses medication and solutions safely.
  • Applies principles of proper body alignment during the transfer and positioning of patients.
  • Ensures safety of the patient during the use of electrical equipment.
  • Labels out of service and reports malfunctioning equipment to appropriate persons. Completes return to service documentation.
  • Preps the surgical site using aseptic technique, cross-referencing for patient's allergies or sensitivities.
  • Correctly collects and accurately labels specimens.
  • Confines and contains sources of contamination.
  • Properly cares for instruments and equipment.
  • Coordinates the activities of other health care professionals during surgical intervention as necessary, control of traffic in the OR.
  • Directs and guides support personnel.
  • Documents intraoperative care.
  • Revises physician preference cards as needed.
  • Accurately and promptly documents unusual occurrences noted during the perioperative phase.
  • Participates in the evaluation of new supplies and equipment and/or instruments.
  • Demonstrates the practical application of universal blood and body substance procedure, as well as the proper handling of other hazardous substances. Knows where to locate and how to access information in MSDS and OSHA manuals.
  • Evaluation
  • The perioperative RN continuously evaluates the patient's response to nursing interventions and modifies the nursing care plan to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Collaborates with other disciplines to revise the patient care plan according to the changing needs of the patient appropriate to adolescent, adult and geriatric patients.
  • Professional Characteristics and Evaluation.
  • Behavior reflects a professional and cooperative attitude.
  • Is accountable for personal conduct and promotes good working relationships among staff and others. Treats others with respect and courtesy.
  • Utilizes available resources to keep current in nursing practice.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the legal implications of nursing actions.
  • Performs nursing activities in an organized and timely manner.
  • Contributes to the efficient and smooth functioning of the department.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of departmental goals and objectives.
  • Offers suggestions and input for procedures of nursing practice.
  • Participates in projects/ special assignments to improve nursing practice, annual peer review.
  • Participates in educational programs and in-services to increase professional competence and to meet personal needs and goals.
  • Seeks assistance from other professional resource persons to improve skill, knowledge, and practice.
  • Acts as resource person and provides direction to other members of the BSA team.
  • Assists in orientation of new personnel.
  • Identifies unsafe patient care practices and / or unsafe environmental aspects, assuming responsibility for intervention.
  • Helps create a health care environment that is nurturing, healing and educational for patients, families and staff.
  • Communicates openly and respectfully with patients, families and staff.
  • Accepts other responsibilities as assigned.

Education, Experience, & Requirements


  • Current ND RN state licensure.
  • Recent perioperative experience (orthopedic experience preferred).
  • Current BCLS & ACLS.

Salary & Benefits

Work at a busy ambulatory Surgery center, no call, no holidays, no weekends!!

*Benefits include health, dental, vision insurance, simple IRA, and year end bonus potential. Pay and benefits determined by years of experience. Full time or Part time positions.

How to apply

apply at www.bismarcksurgical.com

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