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Empowering Nurses to Lead – Webinar Series

Nurses as the backbone of North Dakota’s health care system serve as important leaders.  Nurses will play a key role in the implementation of health care changes including implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  This leadership program was developed by your colleagues across the state in order to provide a set of key leadership skills for nurses in every setting and in every position. This leadership program was developed for nursing students, front-line nurses, community nurses, advanced practice nurses, chief nursing officers and nurse researchers.


The Empowering Nurses to Lead Program includes a series of four online webinars followed by an opportunity to apply leadership skills in your workplace or organization. Completion of all four webinars include the award of 9.0 North Dakota Board of Nursing contact hours. The leadership program starts with critical communication skills that are vital in providing leadership within an individual nurse’s work setting. The second course is aimed at providing content and concepts related to systems thinking which provides the necessary background for positions of greater leadership within the health care system. The third course utilizes change and innovation principles and procedures to enable leaders to make and accept changes at the health care facility level. The fourth course provides skills and knowledge related to health care policy and advocacy, providing needed leadership skills to change public policy at the local and state level. Each webinar also includes a set of customized resource links to provide the opportunity for more skill exploration.

After completion of the four webinars, nurses can apply their skills to earn a framed leadership certificate and a featured story about their leadership project in the monthly ND Center for Nursing enewsletter.  Nurses who have also completed the leadership program will be nominated for a Legendary Nurse Leader award which is given annually.

Steps to Completing the Empowering Nurses to Lead Program:

  1. Click here to enroll in the four webinars. ND Licensed nurses receive a reduced enrollment fee.
  2. View each webinar and complete learning activities that are a part of each webinar. Complete the evaluation at the end of each webinar. You will receive an NDBON contact hour certificate via email after completion of each webinar.
  3. Apply your new leadership skills by completing a leadership project at your workplace, in your community or in your association. Examples of possible leadership projects include:
  • Apply the 5 factor model for skilled communication in your practice and use Carefronting in practice. Determine the outcomes of using these techniques.
  • Explore your health care system by describing your employer organization using the outline in the webinar, define your position, perform and document a successful patient handoff.
  • Identify the problem /change you would like to make using one of the change models (you may use one of the models presented in the webinar or showcase another model you have used). Share the steps you took to assess, plan for, implement, and evaluated the change. Implement the change project, evaluate the outcome.
  • Assist with writing a bill, writing a letter of support for a bill and/or testifying at a hearing.
  • Spend a day at the capitol attending hearings and visiting with legislators about health policy issues.
  • Meet with a legislator, member of a community board or an elected official (city, country, state) and discuss health policy issues.
  • Write a letter to the editor on a health policy initiative and submit to a newspaper.
  • Attend a meet and greet with local or state legislators or a city, state or national meeting and discuss health policy issues.
  • Interview a policy maker (city-wide, within a health system, state-wide, etc.) and write up their views on a health policy issue and disseminate the article in your organization.
  • Be a part of the process for enacting health policy changes as part of your nursing department, professional organization or in a community role
  • Other project using your new leadership skills
  1. Email a description of your project including the outcomes and what skills you applied from the leadership webinars to Patricia Moulton, PhD, Executive Director of the North Dakota Center for Nursing at patricia.moulton@ndncenterfornursing.org


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The Campaign for Action is a national collaborative effort to implement solutions to the challenges facing the nursing profession in response to the Institute of Medicine 2010 Future of Nursing Report. In March, 2012, the North Dakota Action Coalition was selected to join as a state action coalitions. The ND Action Coalition is a partnership between the ND Center for Nursing and the University of Mary Emerging Leaders Academy. More information about the Campaign for Action can be found on their website. The North Dakota Action Coalition is a grass roots group composed of nurses from across the state that worked with expert consultants to develop Empowering Nurses to Lead.

Video Format/Requirements

Webinars are presented in Adobe Flash format, which allows the learner to pause, rewind, link to additional resources and come back to the webinar at another time. Please note that Adobe Flash may be required or updated on your computer, in order to watch the webinar. To download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, click here.