Make A Sustaining Donation

Chances are at some point in your life, you or someone you love have been cared for by a nurse. From the moment we first breath, nurses are by our side. Nurses are our healthcare system’s frontline warriors – selflessly caring for our communities 24/7. Now imagine a healthcare system without their voice and perspectives.

Over the last five years, the North Dakota Center for Nursing has built the groundwork to establish nursing’s voice in North Dakota. We’ve developed a unified, vibrant nursing workforce through a multitude of efforts. The nursing workforce is the largest healthcare workforce in our state, including over 18,000 nurses, across multiple disciplines, specialties and settings. By impacting our nurses through a sustained, monthly donation, we can shape the future of tomorrow’s healthcare in North Dakota.

How to Make a Sustaining Donation

If you would like to support the North Dakota Center for Nursing with a monthly sustained donation, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our profile on the Impact Foundation’s Website by clicking here.
  2. On the top right of the screen, enter a dollar amount in the “Make an Impact” donate box (must be $10 or greater).
  3. Click “view cart” in the donate box. You’ll be taken to your cart. Check the box on this screen that states “Make this a monthly reoccurring donation” to automatically give each month. You may be asked to create a profile on the Impact Foundation’s website to complete this process.

For more information click here to download our Sustaining Donors Packet 2017


The North Dakota Center for Nursing’s Pathways to Excellence program helped us develop a mentoring program – we feel it will really increase employee satisfaction by allowing nurses to try new things.

– Fargo, ND Nurse

My wife is a nurse and seeing the contributions the North Dakota Center for Nursing makes to the nursing profession compelled me to donate to them. – Spouse of ND Nurse
Our university has greatly benefited from the North Dakota Center for Nursing!

– University Nurse Faculty