ND Center for Nursing Leadership Team

The ND  Center for Nursing is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that utilizes many volunteers to carry out its mission.  The ND Center for Nursing Leadership Team is composed of volunteers. Anyone and all nurses can join the Center for Nursing Leadership Team; and all members and/or volunteers on any of the Center’s subgroups become Leadership Team members. The Leadership Team members serve on the various Task Forces, Legislative Tracking Team, Event Committees, or Think Tank work groups of the Center for Nursing. The Leadership Team also provides annual feedback on the platform programs and any new initiatives, to help build momentum and push for implementation of platform programs and new initiatives. We are currently restructuring the ND Center for Nursing.

2019-2020 ND Center for Nursing Strategic Plan

All current leadership team members and volunteers and anyone interested in joining the leadership team will need to fill out an online application. The newly structure team allows for greater flexibility of involvement including email groups that track legislation or review evidence based practice projects, event planning committees, a task force that will meet over a 6 month period time to work on LPN strategies and a Culture of Health Think Tank steering committee which is a longer interdisciplinary initiative. Joining the leadership team provides the opportunity to network with nursing professionals across the state, help develop initiatives that are important to you, learn about new volunteers opportunities and provides you with a vital communication link with statewide legislation and other policy work.

Click here to fill out a leadership team application.   We will add you to the appropriate email lists and meeting invites and email you within one week of filling out the application.

Nurse Mentors/Guest Speakers

Our Legendary Nurse Portal was designed to provide information and resources for the entire nursing career ladder including potential nursing students, nurses and nursing faculty. We have developed a list of interested nurses who would like to be contacted to talk about the nursing profession to K-12 or college/university students in their area. They also serve as mentors to potential future nurses in their area.

Click here to see the current Nurse Mentor list.

If you would like to be added to the Nurse Mentor list. Please email your name, the contact email that you would like listed and your city to Kyle Martin at kyle.martin@ndcenterfornursing.org