Nursing Leadership, are you looking to elevate your Workplace Culture? Have you felt stuck and frustrated, but knew you needed to do something different to improve your workplace culture? If so, you’ve come to the right place.  The ND Culture of Workplace Excellence Designation Program is here to help guide you and your organization to reaching your gold standard and elevating workplace culture. Apply below!

This program is currently on hold. 

North Dakota established a Governor’s Nursing Shortage Task Force in 2017, which was co-led by the ND Center for Nursing to develop potential solutions for the state’s nursing shortage. The task force identified a need to learn more about factors that increase the likelihood that nursing students and nurses will choose to stay in North Dakota and with their current employers. Through surveys and focus groups in 2019-2020 with nurses and nursing students across the state, we collected critical information that has been used to inform this new program. Nurses indicated that they are concerned about their ability to provide safe, quality patient care in their workplaces. Nurses want to work with all health care professionals to help improve everyone’s workplace.

The North Dakota Workplace Culture of Excellence Designation program is here to help further develop the workplace excellence in our healthcare facilities across our state. This new program was developed by a committee of 45 nurses and stakeholders across the state over the last two years in response to the desires of nurses in North Dakota to improve their work environment. This program provides the opportunity for employers to work together with all levels of nurses to promote a positive workplace culture and environment. Additionally, this program also supports the formation of Professional Identity in Nursing. Obtainment of the ND Nursing Culture of Excellence Designation signifies an environment that promotes nursing recruitment, development and retention.



  • Designation provides nurses information about workplaces that provide a positive and healthy work environment.
  • Customized data collection and analysis provided to track progress
  • Designation will help employers to increase recruitment of new nurses and reduction of turnover.
  • The Designation preparation process provides the opportunity for nurses of all levels to work on nursing practice standards with administration.
  • Continuing education mapped to the program is included for all nurses.
  • Access to statewide group of nursing workforce experts.
  • Access to a peer mentoring group to provide support during process.
  • Regular technical assistance meetings to provide support for preparation process.
  1.    Educates on Professional Identity in Nursing
  2.    Fosters a culture of civility and respect
  3.    Follows North Dakota’s scope of practice and other regulations to define practice
  4.    Encourages interprofessional collaborative practice
  5.    All nurses participate in shared governance
  6.    Values and supports professional development and education
  7.    All nurses participate in staffing and scheduling policy, procedure development, and revisions.
  8.    Maintains a culture of safety
  9.    Provides consistent recognition and promotion of all nurses
  10.    Fosters a healthy work-life balance and compassion
  11.    Provides a competitive salary and benefits package to all levels of nurses
  • Located in North Dakota
  • Open to large and small hospitals, clinics, long term care, home health, hospice and public health
  • Commit to implementing nursing standards through the development of committees and utilization of pre-developed continuing education.